_ Undergoing Projects

For the sake of flourishing of Engineering and opening the barriers of knowledge worldwide, the PetroStreet is consistently working on different projects. Major working includes custom e-book modules and mini software.

WeldShop is a user friendly welding software for Welding and Inspection Engineers to have a quick reference regarding welding requirements for different materials. The current beta version is the first release by thePetroStreet team which only deals with the welding of selected piping materials and its components in carbon steel and low alloy materials as per ASME B31.3. The suggested welding procedure contains an outlined detail for preheat, interpass temperatures, filler wire & electrode, and post weld heat treatment. Users are advised to further look into the applicable code for their specific requirements

released on 30th April 2010



KOD Mart is a sizing software that helps a design engineer to select and verify the size of KnockOut Drums. It calculates the recommended diameter based on GPSA and also suggests vessel diameter based on thePetroStreet experience. Evaluation of liquid levels and nozzle size selections will be easier by using this handy software.

released on 04th July 2010

NDTshop is a small utility which enables all engineers in petrochemical industries to see applicable / recommended NDTs on their new and modified piping system. Engineers have to provide the piping service conditions which would then trigger the NDT requirements for the welded joints. The first release will only cover these requirements in the light of ASME B31.3.

released on 31st July 2010



Psychro Shop is a very helpful and amazing utility for engineers, that can easility calculate humid air conditions based on your selected inputs.This software is based on ASHRAE Handbook (2001 Edition) and GPSA Engineering Data book (2004 Edition). This handy software can evaluate Dewpoint Temperature, Relative Humidity, Humidity Ratio (Absolute Humidity) and Wet Bulb Temperature, based on user input of any one of these values along Dry Bulb Temperature and Barometric Pressure (or Altitude).

released on 14th August 2010

RepairShop has been designed to help engineers working with the repair options for defected or problematic pressure vessels, piping and heat exchangers tubes / tubesheets designed and installed against applicable ASME codes. Repair suggestions are in 100% compliance with ASME PCC-2 (A post construction committee released code) which deals with repairs of piping and pressure vessels. It helps user to short list the repair options and then to perform undertake all sort of repairs in accordance with ASME PCC-2. It also provides brief description of all the repair options so that user must take care of that.

released on 29th August 2010



TEMA Shop is an exclusive thermal simulator for shell and tube heat exchangers. Team is working exclusively on this software. Initial version of this utility will be cable of rating any standard shell and tube heat exchanger, using averaged properties. Later version will include fluid package for the component properties evaluation.

release date: January 2011

TurboMart is a smartly designed utility to help engineers across petrochemical, power and oil & gas sector for the performance evaluation of steam turbines and gas turbines. It has a built-in property package for basic fuel components. Initial versions will not be embedded by HRSG design / performance simulation plugin for combined cycle. This release will take care of thermal efficiencies, heat rate and power output of gas turbine, where as isentropic efficiency and power output of steam turbine.

released on 13th November 2010

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