Pipe sizing software

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Pipe sizing software

Postby ashfaqanwer » 24 Sep 2012, 21:29

thePetroStreet is working with http://www.pipesizingsoftware.com on a pipe sizing software.
This software would be exclusively for chemical / process engineers.
Following are the salient features:
a. Calculates pressure drop for gases and liquids flowing through pipes
b. Fast, accurate and feature rich
c. Simple data entry
d. Calculates velocity and heat loss
e. Customary US and SI units
f. Built-in database for piping (carbon steel, copper)
g. Physical properties of gases, liquids and insulation
h. Windows based handy application
i. Having capability of saving multiple cases, modifyig built-in database
j. Printing, customizable reports

Expected release date is 15th December 2012 if not earlier than this.

As soon as we have any update on this, we will share with you all.
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Re: Pipe sizing software

Postby Noppakhun » 16 Oct 2012, 04:19

Good Software

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Re: Pipe sizing software

Postby aris3006 » 03 May 2014, 04:20

good work
i am hoping to try it now, could you please show the download link?

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