Simple Plumbing system for a project site

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Simple Plumbing system for a project site

Postby iceman53y » 09 Aug 2014, 11:36


I need to design a simple utility water circuit for a project site.

I have the following data with me:
1. A 4000 US Gallon capacity tank
2. Elevation of tank from ground level is 0.5 meters
3. Piping material to be used is PVC
4. Water is required in two toilets and one shower and one kitchen. (How do I estimate flowrates?)
5. Elevation of the rest area container (Standard 40 foot container) is 400 mm above ground level. (Extract from plot plan is attached)

I need to size a pump to suit this requirement.
1. How do I size the pump for this requirement? (I do not have a lot of figures, so I dont mind oversizing a bit) (What type of pump? Centrifugal? 2"inlet 1.5" Outlet?)
I'm assuming the configuration will be having the following:
1. Isolation valves upstream and downstream of the pump.
2. Check valve on the discharge of the pump
3. A suction filter.
4. A pressure switch (Set at an appropriate pressure to maintain pressure in the circuit, what is the industry standard?)
5. A pump bypass line.
6. A relief valve.
7. A pump min flow line
8. Size of a pressure bearing PVC line: I suppose a 1.5" PVC SCH40 line is appropriate for this requirement?
9. Outlet of the tank is 2" PVC
10. I've attached an extract of plot plan for this area. Gives an idea for the distances. Toilets and the kitchen are in the rest area only.

I realize I have not given a lot of information...(and the info provided is in very layman terms :) I'm not looking to calculate Reynolds number and pressure losses for this, I just need basic sizing done and what is generally used at project sites)

Lemme know if you need any more information.

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