How to Inspect Support Foundation ?

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How to Inspect Support Foundation ?

Postby chromiumx » 15 Dec 2015, 03:33

Hi everyone.

I am a Pipe Inspector and I was assigned by the client to handle the inspection of installation of pipe supports that are mounted on concrete. It will be my first time to do such work because most of the time such activities are handled by either Civil or Structural Inspectors.

My question is what are the things that I have to inspect for the foundation? Kindly advise some guides on how to inspect this type of activity.

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Re: How to Inspect Support Foundation ?

Postby arcpro » 06 Dec 2016, 08:26

May be too late in replying...
For piping support inspection, you need to first take out the data and drawings for all the supports specified according to the piping isometrics.
After taking out all this data, you need to physically verify the location and type of supports being installed. Some supports can be typically very simple like shoe, clamps installations however there can be special supports especially for cold /hot insulated piping and still there can be spring supports where you need to be a bit more careful to inspect as what exactly is being done. Incorrect installation of supports especially spring supports can lead to really vulnerable conditions which may lead to piping failure and eventually result into an incident.
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